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Not every students knows that while writing a dissertation, an introduction is not the part you start with β€” not really. Ideally, you should write the introductory part when the rest of the paper is already finished. Such organization of your writing process has a well-grounded reason. As you probably know, introduction is supposed to describe the purpose of your academic work, the reasons why you have chosen this particular subject for your analysis, the methods you are going to apply, the results you hope to achieve. Moreover, this part should summarize the information that already exists on this subject. That is why you should not haste to write it before you complete the main body chapters.

One more thing you have to understand before you start working on your dissertation is that plagiarism is strictly prohibited in educational environment. There is a notion of unintentional plagiarism when you accidentally state the same of the already existing ideas. So, you will have to be very careful with the sources you consult and β€” especially β€” rephrase. If however, you are pressed for time and cannot write this work on your own, we would like to offer you our dissertation writing help. You can stay completely sure that your order is going to be assigned to a professional graduate in a particular field of knowledge, as all of our dissertation writers are highly qualified experts. Your order will meet your guidelines and will definitely be written from scratch.

If you are looking for more dissertation help and advice, here are some other things students often ask our experts about. Even before you get down to writing, you will need an outline for your future work. Though it is not very typical and is rather not advisable, you can slightly change the logic of your work as you write β€” but not too much.

After you have finished working on your main body, you can move on to introduction and confusion. In fact, both parts deal with the same information. However, do not forget to paraphrase β€” you can’t just copy-paste the intro parts into the conclusion, no matter how similar they should be.

Dissertation introduction is not supposed to be very long. Traditionally, it should not exceed two pages, better one and a half. The same goes for conclusion. Still, the exact length will depend on the length of your thesis, so you should better ask your scientific supervisor as for the volume of your work and its introductory part as well. And, if you get lost at any of the writing stages, remember that our qualified dissertation help online team is always here for you!